What you should not miss in a boutique hotel

The boutique hotels are not any hotels. They are places designed, thought out to the minutest detail and created to surprise even the most experienced traveler. Why is this? Because what characterizes a boutique hotel is that they are unique hotels offering experiences you will not find in any other hotel in the same destination. They are small hidden jewels for the common tourist, who is in a hurry and tight budget but open to those who know how to see a little more on their holiday.

This kind of boutique hotel came years ago and was initially closely linked to urban or more rural areas, small lost villages, full of charm. It was rare to see a boutique hotel in areas of mass beach tourism. They were neither were nor will be because it is not their market. The boutique hotel guest is quite different. He or she is looking for calm and care, good food, tranquility, a different experience, personal and genuine attention. In short, he seeks to create a bond of sensitivity with his reserved accommodation that invites him to return again and again. A fidelity bond based on trust that the experience will always be good and always be new.

The key elements of a good boutique hotel are precisely those not to be missed if you opt to book this type of accommodation. No matter what destination you choose, the hotel is important. And inside the hotel you have to check on a couple of key issues: the versatility of the leisure and entertainment on offer in the communal areas and the gastronomy.

Kitchen with soul

A good boutique hotel must have an excellent restaurant service. Regarding gastronomy, if the food produce is cultivated in the vicinity of the hotel or especially in its own garden or from local farms that is even better. Ecology, respect for the environment, produced directly and without intermediaries and with a good team of chefs and kitchen assistants are the ideal combination to produce authentic delicacies. In addition, food in a boutique hotel must always be linked closely to local recipes, it should be a showcase of the best and most typical dishes, but made with a new signature touch that will make them unique.

The whole eating experience is also vital: the dining areas and terraces have to be very elegant, professional, friendly, nearby and with personnel who can make suggestions to guide the guest in choosing what best suits their tastes within a wide range of possibilities. The pairings and suggestions for starters within an a la carte dinner menu can make all the difference and any educated palate can at least appreciate it.

Chosen rest

The design and decor of the rooms of a boutique hotel is basic. Because they are hotels that manage a very limited number of rooms (up to 50 maximum), they can and should offer excellence in each of them. Also, the ideal is that each room is different from the others, in furniture and even style. Thus, each year guests can change their room design without changing their hotel.

Room care must focus on meeting the basic needs of guests but in a way that makes them feel really special: appetizers to taste, selected drinks, gifts and welcome and departure details, emergency care, luggage rack, daily cleaning adapted to rest times of each guest…

Original leisure

Public leisure areas like the garden, pool or the sports areas should be of an original design that is different from other classic hotels. Games paths, artificial pools, converted stables or garages in renovated spaces and relaxation for guests should be added to the program of activities at each hotel.

In this case, since the boutique hotels often do not have much space to organize activities within their premises, it is essential that they offer trips to get to know the destination in person. It is useful for each guest to learn how to get the best out of their days by getting to know the most interesting places in their destination, but not just general points of interest but the things that each individual would find interesting according to each guest’s personal taste.

Some places organize venues for all guests to meet and share some time together: barbecues, themed dinners, special parties. You can get to know your destination even better by joining in and celebrating local traditions from the comfort of the hotel.

A practical example

The Son Julià Boutique Hotel is one of the top-rated Mallorcan Boutique hotels, its actual destination is located a few kilometers from the city of Palma and its beaches, but it is surrounded by the unique beauty of the natural landscape of the Majorcan countryside.

One of its strengths is the rest and tranquility it offers: the Son Julià rooms are characterized as places in which you can watch the buzz of the island, feel the sea breeze and smell the countryside, away from the hustle of the city. They are spacious, airy and with the charm of traditional Majorcan rooms. That’s right: the furniture offered is top brand and high quality guaranteed.

Gastronomy is the other strength: the restaurant Las Bovedas is a gateway to the most authentic flavors of Mallorca. A culinary place where the first thought is tradition and the essentials are simple tastes and the ability to create and surprise on a plate filled with local high quality products.

The price, given that it is a 5 star is certainly not cheap but it gives good value for money when you consider the experience offered and how much the wonderful memory is worth.

Other Boutique hotels

The choice of destinations is very unusual because, as we said, it is not important in this type of accommodation: the important thing is the experience that they help you to have. Thus, among those chosen by travelers as the best boutique hotels in Spain this 2016, is included the Boutique Hotel Cresol in Calaceite; Hotel Salvia, Soller (also in Mallorca and classified as Adult Only); The dwellings of the Temple, in Mirambel; Petit Hotel Son Arnau, in Selva, Mallorca; Boutique Hotel Terra Santa in the historic center of Palma de Mallorca; the Rector of Salamanca Hotel; and the classic Abac Barcelona.

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