Spring in Dubai

One of the best times to visit Dubai is by far the spring. Although you can also travel in autumn and winter, the season that is convenient to avoid is summer. Why? For the matter of the temperatures: the climate of Dubai is subtropical arid and so the thermometers in summer average 42 degrees during the day and do not go lower than 28 – 30 at night. During the summers in Dubai there is no respite, so spring is the opportunity you were waiting for if you want to explore this incredible city full of life.

In spring, the average temperature is around 25-30 degrees during the day and sometimes falls to 15 degrees. It is a good time if you want to take advantage of the wonderful beaches that this destination offers since the water is already hot (about 30 degrees) and there is not too many crowds of visitors. In addition, they are usually clean and well monitored, so you can go and spend the whole day enjoying the sun.

Beyond the weather, spring is an ideal time to enjoy Dubai because it is when more parties and events are organised, inside bars, restaurants and also outdoors. One of the most famous and celebrated examples of celebrations is Maifest (Oktoberfest in Dubai), which is celebrated in May with the whole German spirit of this traditional event but with the surprising contrast of being in the Arab Emirates.

Also in spring you can boast having gone to the mythical April Fair … in Dubai. One of the most famous Spanish corners of this capital, Casa de Tapas, is transformed and filled with colours as if it were Andalusia but in the middle of the desert.

The best areas

One of the most important places to visit in Dubai in spring is Dubai Creek, the great estuary that runs through the city for 10 kilometres and that with the sunlight is changing and changing at different times of the day. It is one of the most lively areas and with more touristic proposals, both to try local cuisine or to taste the best international dishes or to see an interesting show.

The Dubai Marina is the most exclusive and vibrant area of ​​this capital. A mishmash of impossible skyscrapers that reach up into the heavens and a network of streets that look to the sea. The majesty and opulence of its constructions is an architectural spectacle that, in addition, projects different colours and forms according to the position of the sun.

The beaches you should visit

Since you go in spring and the temperature will give you respite, you should not stop spending days to visit its beautiful beaches. Al Mamzar Beach Park is said to be one of the best, but there are also others like Jumeirah Beach Park (one of the closest to the city and with good services for the kids), Umm Suqeim Beach (overlooking the Burj Al Building Arab) and the Russian Beach, which is free to enter (and is the favorite for tourists who come to the city from Russia).

Spring Accommodations

Most of the hotels in Dubai are of the highest quality. When we speak of high quality we mean that even 3 stars are like 5 stars in Europe. They are superior luxury hotels, with attentions to detail that always surprise and with really competitive prices. They take special care of the rooms, in decoration, spaciousness and state of the art technology.

To move comfortably the best is to book a room in Bur Dubai, which is one of the most active, safe and best connected areas of the city. The hotels in the centre of Bur Dubai are quite affordable and are excellent value for money, so you just have to look for the one that fits your budget because they all guarantee quality. In fact, the hotel sector of this capital is one of the most innovative and exquisite in the world.

Some of the most valued hotels in Dubai for this time of year are the Radisson Blu Hotel; The World Trade Center Dubai Hotel Ibis; The Park Hyatt; The Oberoi Dubai and the Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa. It is advisable that you make the reservation in advance to ensure the best price and before you book, check directly the special offers and promotions on the website of each hotel because you can find savings of up to 30% on the normal rate.


Enjoy a luxury stay in Tenerife with IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts

Tenerife is a luxury, sought-out destination for many reasons. One of many is the quality of its hotels (in both beach hot spots and urban locations) in worldwide recognised zones like Costa Adeje and Los Cristianos. Luxury in Tenerife is defined by its stunning landscape, exotic cuisine, art, folklore and culture. One of the best things about this island is its ability to welcome change whilst still conserving the past.

When broaching the subject of luxury in Tenerife, it would be easy to touch on many aspects of this diverse destination, however, for now, we will focus our attention on the most well-known luxurious element to the island which is: accommodation. In this regard, we will look to the example of one of the best hotel chains in Spain; one that is specialised in beach holidays and which has really made its mark on the island over the last few years: IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts.

Recovering the past

The culture and history of Tenerife has always been taken into account when opening our hotels in Tenerife. One of our latest developments in Tenerife has meant the revival of one of the island’s favourite hotels in Santa Cruz de Tenerife: Grand Hotel Mencey.

Many of the hotel’s services and facilities have been refurbished and enhanced like its spa zone, kitchen, exclusive restaurants and lounge bar terrace. This 5 star hotel in Santa Cruz has become a worldwide-recognised luxury hotel in Tenerife, with its social events creating momentum within the city and sparking interest amongst locals and visitors.

 A magical coast

The most important changes and transformations, strictly speaking on a tourism point of view, have been those carried out in Costa Adeje where many of the hotel chain’s establishments are located in the Canary Islands. Many of our luxury hotels, like IBEROSTAR Anthelia, have been considered the best all-inclusive hotels in Spain and the most popular family-orientated holiday establishments on the planet. This is why so many visitors come from all over the world to stay.

Many other unique gems can be found in this part of the world, where the picturesque landscape makes Tenerife the ideal hotspot for golf lovers, or just those looking for the perfect place in which to relax under the warmth of the sun, surrounded by only the finest luxuries. Such are: IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Salomé and IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel El Mirador.

Both of these hotels boast luxury with terraces accompanied by the latest chart music and delicious aperitifs and cocktails; beach clubs, lounge areas and stunning gardens in which to celebrate special occasions. You can also enjoy charming views of the sea with direct access to some of the best beaches in Tenerife.

Everything about these hotels scream 5 star: from the quality of their products to amenities like gastronomy and leisure & sport activities. Of course there’s the price, but really, if you compare the price and quality, you’ll actually find the price is quite reasonable and will give you the opportunity to treat yourself to a few days to yourself or celebrate a special occasion with friends and family.

Online deals

With the abovementioned in mind, when you book directly online at the official website of the hotel chain, you’ll discover the best prices and special guarantees on the internet (if you find a better deal, we’ll equal it!) for the same room and dates without the interference of any third parties.

By clicking on the following links of IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts, you’ll be able to access all the hotels mentioned in this article so you can see for yourself the luxury that encompasses Tenerife: IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Salomé, IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel El Mirador e IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Mencey.


What to expect from an urban hotel

Holidaymakers are always looking for more: better prices and better quality. The huge competition between hotel chains these days works in our favour as all are fighting to offer the best prices, services and be the most different. However, with every single one, they offer a multitude of extras. What are the services we value the most when choosing a city break hotel?


The truth is that we all have a clear idea of what we want in a holiday: good location, cleanliness and free Wifi connection. Yes, being able to connect to the free wifi during stays in an urban setting has become one of the most in-demand factors of urban holidays or business trips for those who constantly move from hotel to hotel. For some, it’s the basis of being able to do work whilst travelling and, for those who use it leisurely, it’s an added bonus for being able to organise more efficiently day-to-day activities within the destination directly from the hotel.


Whilst some urban hotels in Spain are still rejecting this idea of free Wifi and instead are trying to push Wifi discount tickets in order for guests to be able to access the internet during their stay (even though we have to admit it is cheaper than before), the majority have come to realise that having free Wifi in their establishments is as essential as having a bathroom in the hotel room. Therefore, they include it in their prices, advertise it on the internet and promote it alongside other facilities and services they have to offer at their hotels. Some also offer free use of the hotel’s laptops and tablets so guests don’t have to bring their own.


However, apart from the Wifi, one of the clear aspects that makes some urban hotels and not others a priority, depending on the kind of trip you desire of course, is the location. Other aspects may be of others’ priority but, in general, being close to the historic part of the city or the financial district is one of the most important factors. In fact, Spain’s well-known hotel chains are now making this an essential part of their portfolios. One example in particular is Petit Palace Hotels which specialises in city breaks and follows the concept of boutique hotels. If you look at Petit Palace’s destinations, you’ll see straightaway that location is their priority when it comes to adding a new establishment to their portfolio.


Of course, location is vital, but so are simpler aspects like cleanliness and excellent service. These aspects are important now more than ever. The rise in popularity of low cost holidays have made it so that these two factors are more commonly sought out than other, more innovative aspects. Complaints about lack of cleanliness in hotel rooms are amongst the most routinal comments appearing on websites like tripadvisor and can ruin a hotel’s reputation indefinitely. Due to this, the hotel sector has made these aspects very clear which, in turn, has influenced guests to search for hotels using filters such as the highest number of stars (minimum of 3). Customer service is personal and, above all else, key; for you can make a mistake and everyone is understanding of this but what can never be forgiven is when a complaint is dealt with poorly and doesn’t amount to anything. The worst thing is, however, as simple as it seems, this actually does happen. Hotel chains need to be able to solve any issue the guest may have in a quick and efficient manner, offering added extras to compensate their troubles. A problem may turn out to be a good experience, all you need to do is persevere in order to satisfy the guest’s expectations.