Granite Countertops Care

Granite Countertops Care and Maintenance

The special patterns in the granite stone add aesthetic beauty to the kitchen and provide a long lasting cooking and work area. If you intend to preserve the stone’s gorgeous appearance, you need to care of them. These suggestions for cleaning and maintaining your granite will ensure that they always appear brand-new.

Granite countertops aren’t as permeable as marble or various other materials, but they could soak up dampness and also become weak over time if not properly tended to. To keep your countertops in top shape, make certain that they’re sealed every couple of years. You could have a professional do it for you or simply purchase a granite sealant from a home improvement store, and use it according to the directions. More often than not you’ll need to reseal your granite countertops every three to five years. If you’re unsure whether you have to reseal, place a little water on the surface area and if it beads up, you can wait for a while.  If the stone absorbs the water, it’s time to reseal!

Although your counters are resilient, rough abrasive cleansers can damage the stone and destroy its seal. Never use acidic formulas, particularly those containing lemon, lime, or vinegar, along with rough chemicals like ammonia as well as bleach. Rather, use gentle products, such as mild dishwashing soap or a cleanser formulated specifically for stone counters.

Each day, you’ll likely only have to wipe down the surface with a dry towel to eliminate dirt and grime. Pick a soft or microfiber towel, which is incredibly gentle and aids lifting dust and dirt off as opposed to merely pushing it along.When you spill anything on your counter top, clean it up as quickly as you can. The longer that a liquid remains on the surface area, the higher likelihood that the stone can take in and stain it. Be particularly cautious with oily or acidic spills, which are most likely to stain.

Even if you are exceptionally careful with your granite kitchen counters, damage could occur with time. Spots and cracks can appear externally, or you may discover near the seams. Do not attempt to repair this yourself! Instead, contact the experts at Atlanta Granite Countertops as soon as you see the issue. They can take a look and assess the damage. Waiting too long for repairs might trigger more damage and may cost you even more repair services in the long run.

These suggestions will allow you to preserve and enjoy your granite countertops for years to come.