Dream Holiday

Planning Your Dream Holiday And Confused Where To Go? Read This

Indonesia- the southeast country of Asia, It is situated between Indian Ocean as well as Pacific Ocean. The fourth largest populated country is both best known for its natural beauty as well as diversity. With more than thousand volcanos its natural beauty is beyond any description. But with such amazing resources and diversity the most beautiful serene place at Indonesia is Raja Ampat. It is one of the most important travel destinations at Indonesia. Your vacation experience will be incomplete without visiting such place.


A Place Where Dreams Come True

Before planning a tour to Indonesian continent just take a stroll through the official portal at, http://endd.org/raja-ampat-the-indonesian-liveaboard-divers-dream-holiday/ for better understanding.

Raja ampet is a beautiful tropical region composed of 1500 cluster of beautiful islands. All of such islands are mostly covered with deep jungles, white sandy beaches as well as wholly surrounded by clear blue water. The amazing view, serenity as well as landscape make an individual to come again for grasping the beauty of the nature. Best recommend for adventure lovers.

More than 40,000 square kilometers of area are under sea land of Raja ampet. The marine natural biodiversity has made the place more attractive towards the tourists. This place is the epicenter of world’s marine biodiversity. Additionally enormous as well as various water sports has made the place most famous of all the places listed within Raja ampet.

Small populace and reduced pollution is the main attraction of such place. The area has managed to hide from the world most populated areas and keep intacting its greenery. Remote location with only nature what else one need?

Well which place is recommended as world’s best diving spot? And yes you are correct. It is Raja ampet only. It is situated between Indian and Pacific Ocean as mentioned earlier, which makes the area to cater the best level of current needed for best diving. Coral reefs, marine biodiversity has made the place best for scuba diving.

Now it’s your chance to plan accordingly as Raja ampet is a vast place and cannot be covered with a small period of time. So let’s not waste time and pack your bag. Our destination none other than Raja ampet