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Digital Guide to Promote hotels in China

Now that your hotel is Chinese-friendly, what are the main steps to promote Chinese self? We look at the top 5 ways to market your hotel.

Unlock the power of China’s trade trade

The Chinese travel industry landscape is complicated. More than 27,000 brick and mortar travel agents have key reserves for foreign holiday for the first time, while China’s largest Chinese web site, CTrip and Consumer, are millions of users who are European websites. Only dreams can be seen. CTrip users are more than 250 million. China spent $ 87 billion in a trip to 2016.

Not only is China a complicated travel industry, but the business consists of Guanxi, on a convention concept, trust, organizational, giving and receiving. Guanchi has been built over time and the only fast way in successful working relationship with a Chinese travel business is by the established partner.

Do not lose in the Middle East

Chinese planning trips 2/3 research online research, so make sure you can be found. There is a lot about China’s only digital environment; Chinese holiday faces, we require you to attend Việt and Vietts so that potential Chinese visitors can get information about your offer. A wonderful presence on Facebook will work in many of your markets, but China is not one of them.

Make sure you share great content and promotions on social media too. Upgrades and stage checks are just a few special special offers that we promote through whistle, which has encouraged Chinese passengers to book a direct book with the Mandalant Oriental.

Offer a quick and easy online booking in Yuan

More than 1 out of 5 Chinese passengers say they plan all aspects of travel, so bookmark website is very important. Design your Chinese website with your audience audience, focus on the right and in front of your hotel and destination, which appeal to Chinese travelers most often. Improve your site for Chinese search terms, and remember that Chinese travel agents will also use your website for information.

Of course, your site must be in Mandand, and Cantonia is a plus. Show prices in yuan and accept China UnionPay. The rising wave of Chinese independent passengers will thank you for that.

Make it easy to review

Thank you for the collective culture of China, China has more impact on the expectations of many victims’ reviews and western travelers. You also encourage Chinese Chinese guests to review your hotel on Ctrip and Cannes as well as Travel Guide sites such as Qari and Mafugo; Experiences with signs on the front desk and asking for their Chinese guests to review by WeChat. Are there The number of analysis helps to rank, such as Chinese friendly facilities such as free WiFi.

The most important partners with key opinion leaders

Chinese actress Yao Chen married to 2.4 million times in Chinese society media, and was in 2012. Later the third tour of the Chinese tourists’ country was certainly a chance to tour the new day. Partners with right cole, especially when slow affiliate is a great way to increase awareness about your offer together with real social media moments. Indonesia is investing in the power of coal from Indonesia to Indonesia.

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