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What to expect from an urban hotel

Holidaymakers are always looking for more: better prices and better quality. The huge competition between hotel chains these days works in our favour as all are fighting to offer the best prices, services and be the most different. However, with every single one, they offer a multitude of extras. What are the services we value the most when choosing a city break hotel?


The truth is that we all have a clear idea of what we want in a holiday: good location, cleanliness and free Wifi connection. Yes, being able to connect to the free wifi during stays in an urban setting has become one of the most in-demand factors of urban holidays or business trips for those who constantly move from hotel to hotel. For some, it’s the basis of being able to do work whilst travelling and, for those who use it leisurely, it’s an added bonus for being able to organise more efficiently day-to-day activities within the destination directly from the hotel.


Whilst some urban hotels in Spain are still rejecting this idea of free Wifi and instead are trying to push Wifi discount tickets in order for guests to be able to access the internet during their stay (even though we have to admit it is cheaper than before), the majority have come to realise that having free Wifi in their establishments is as essential as having a bathroom in the hotel room. Therefore, they include it in their prices, advertise it on the internet and promote it alongside other facilities and services they have to offer at their hotels. Some also offer free use of the hotel’s laptops and tablets so guests don’t have to bring their own.


However, apart from the Wifi, one of the clear aspects that makes some urban hotels and not others a priority, depending on the kind of trip you desire of course, is the location. Other aspects may be of others’ priority but, in general, being close to the historic part of the city or the financial district is one of the most important factors. In fact, Spain’s well-known hotel chains are now making this an essential part of their portfolios. One example in particular is Petit Palace Hotels which specialises in city breaks and follows the concept of boutique hotels. If you look at Petit Palace’s destinations, you’ll see straightaway that location is their priority when it comes to adding a new establishment to their portfolio.


Of course, location is vital, but so are simpler aspects like cleanliness and excellent service. These aspects are important now more than ever. The rise in popularity of low cost holidays have made it so that these two factors are more commonly sought out than other, more innovative aspects. Complaints about lack of cleanliness in hotel rooms are amongst the most routinal comments appearing on websites like tripadvisor and can ruin a hotel’s reputation indefinitely. Due to this, the hotel sector has made these aspects very clear which, in turn, has influenced guests to search for hotels using filters such as the highest number of stars (minimum of 3). Customer service is personal and, above all else, key; for you can make a mistake and everyone is understanding of this but what can never be forgiven is when a complaint is dealt with poorly and doesn’t amount to anything. The worst thing is, however, as simple as it seems, this actually does happen. Hotel chains need to be able to solve any issue the guest may have in a quick and efficient manner, offering added extras to compensate their troubles. A problem may turn out to be a good experience, all you need to do is persevere in order to satisfy the guest’s expectations.