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Luxury vacations conquer Tenerife

The Canaries have always been a place to pamper yourself when enjoying holidays: the prices of hotels are quite affordable and the destination has many chances to make the most of everyday preferred by every traveler: relaxation, adventure, sport, kids, partying… and luxury. If you want to treat yourself to a luxury break you just have to approach Costa Adeje, well South Tenerife has become the place to be and be seen. With the most exclusive hotels and bars and trendy restaurants. The place to be…

If you searching for 5 star hotels in Tenerife, the list of results you will see will be virtually all luxury hotels in Costa Adeje. Except for a landmark hotel in the capital, as in the case of IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Mencey, in Santa Cruz, the rest of the finest accommodations on the island are concentrated on the banks of 4 beaches: Fañabé, Playa del Duque, Torviscas and Bobo beach. In addition to its privileged location in one of the most beautiful coastlines of Spain bathed by a friendly and relaxed Atlantic, these hotels have marked a before and after in the way of understanding the holidays in Tenerife.

Although there are still hotels and entertainment and leisure for all tastes and budgets, Tenerife has been crowned as an exclusive island in terms of tourism: they are travelers of certain purchasing power seeking spaces to suit themselves, with services of first quality and senior professional staff. The goal is a vacation experience intended to be left not only to enjoying the beaches, the sun and other charms that gives it the destination. They are looking for a place to experience, different and pleasurable experiences, accommodation where you feel at home, but with all the advantages of the service of a luxury hotel.

The affluent tourists visiting Spain have very specific and marked destinations. They have historically been Mallorca and Marbella, which joined Ibiza and recently Formentera, becoming one of the most expensive and exclusive to those who go on holiday to places in Spain. Menorca, while maintaining a remarkable status has always been a place of rest for families, and public figures who want to preserve their anonymity and spend a few days in the countryside at their leisure.

Of the Canaries, however, the island aimed at more ways to bring together luxury tourism was always Lanzarote. And although it continues to lead in many respects (it is one of the most beautiful and amazing islands and one of the quietest of the archipelago), another is threatening its crown: Tenerife has moved fast and has invested heavily. And with the island, the big hotel chains are what, after all, create those little oasis in the great paradise where the guests stay and trust.

These resorts have been placed, as already mentioned, almost entirely in the South, in the area of Costa Adeje. There you can find not only great 5 star hotels, but real gems of architecture, such as the IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel El Mirador, one of the finest and most complete Adults Only accommodation on the island, drinking from colonial influences in its large main building, with large porches and columns and tropical gardens, it has become an attraction in the destination. Its neighbor, the IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Salomé which is part of IBEROSTAR Anthelia complex, one of the most emblematic in Tenerife – emulates it in many of these aspects, but is more focused on giving a halo of romance to more common areas with a design more baroque and drinking less from the roots of the island.

Beyond luxury hotel

Luxury activities outside of the accommodations have also proliferated in recent years, many of them while the tourist area of Costa Adeje won appreciation not only among the national traveler, but (especially) from abroad. More golf courses, larger and varied in its greens and its routes; more careful theme parks; cuisine restaurants of cuisine and taverns that are retooled to capture a more select audience without losing an iota of charm…

Because it is important to note that although Costa Adeje has grown to the pulse of the tourism, it has not neglected its authenticity and, in fact, it is commendable how the area has maintained its character. The town of Adeje, a few minutes inland, is a sign of the island essence and its natural mountain environment and golf is a privilege for the eyes and for nature lovers. Because the island of Tenerife itself, its landscapes, its heritage, culture and, of course, its people are the real luxury of a holiday in this destination.

The new concept of accommodation-destination

Being able to book a hotel in which you get everything you need to enjoy a few unrepeatable days, that is the goal that the Garden Hotel chain pursues with its new concept of destination hotels. A formula that combines the best of 4 star accommodation with the most interesting experiences of each holiday area.

The tourist sector in Spain has been and still is one of the world leaders. In fact, a lot of their chains are a driving force in a large number of the high level tourist areas over 5 continents, especially in the areas of the Caribbean and North Africa with luxury establishments in which you holiday in the true sense of the word.

Barcelo, Melia, Iberostar, NH … All of these have created a school both in their country and out of it and they continue doing so, raising the bar for what today is the design of accommodation for the 21st century.

But beyond that export of knowledge and good work, leaders of tourism in Spain have always known it is best to start by making your thoughts known and implementing the most innovative ideas at home. Now, with a view to conquering both the local tourist and the more experienced travelers, they are taking giant steps in the area of the conversion of mature destinations with a long history of tourism and significantly improving a hotel base rooted in the 70s.

Cases like the Playa de Palma (still in the throes of initial transformation) or the entire coast of Calvia, both in Mallorca, are clearly leading the way with a proposal for such complete and modern accommodation that it more than exceeds what they have been working towards.

Hotels with everything and more

This line of work names fewer international hotel chains but their work is no less important: Fergus Hotels in the area of Magaluf and Palmanova, or the Garden Hotels, in their Almeria hotels (such as Cabogata Mar Garden) and resorts in northern Mallorca (such as the Garden Holiday Village) are making multimillion investments in order to adapt their hotels to the changing needs of their guests.

The first results are already being felt: more customer loyalty, better brand valuation and a better overall accommodation experience and, by extension, a greater predilection for destinations where they are located. In this regard, government support will be undoubtedly vital, though today, with the little that has been done already in this respect, many advances have been made.

The new hotels that are growing up are hotels in which if you have a reservation you can enjoy a few days of total relaxation, with a high degree of personal care in both the facilities and services and a complementary offer that is directly linked to the hotel booking: discounts on business services in the area, on theme parks, on golf courses, on museums … ways to get the best from the destination with the help of the hotel, which offers the guests everything they need to do it, saving them a lot of effort and of course costs.

Another feature of these hotels is that you can enjoy the best of the destination without having to move from your resort accommodation: the cuisine is local, promoting authentic traditions and making a clear commitment to the production of local food and ecology. Additionally they work to offer sporting experiences and innovative entertainment within the resort accommodation: aerobics and dance classes, water games, some hotels have children’s pool areas like authentic water-parks-, theater and live music, visits and guided tours, workshops and shops for cyclists, sailing schools…

Personal service

All seasoned with the finishing touch of an increasingly professional and personalized service. The hotel teams are no longer mere amateurs: the demand in the sector is high and professionalism is indispensable. Chefs, waiters, reception staff and even cleaning services are increasingly valued and therefore a key part of the basic experience that each guest has when they stay at a hotel.

The close teamwork and friendliness of the hotel staff is also vital and, in fact, if you Google sites that offer reviews such as Tripadvisor you can easily see that these qualities are appreciated more every day.

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